What is CBD?
CBD is one of at least 100 active chemical found in cannabis and has been proven to help treat many disease today.
Anti-inflammation Effect
Anti-angiogenic Effect
Anti-proliferation Effect
Analgesic Effect
Anti-psychotic Effect
Anxiolytic Effect
No Motor Impairment
No Hunger
The Gold Standard
We adopt the super critical CO² method that is considered the most scientific method and is also among the
cleanest techniques of extraction. It uses carbon di-
oxide under high pressure and extremely low tem-
peratures to extract the CBD in its purest form. CBD
oil extracted in this way has a cleaner taste, but is
also the most expensive method.
Full Spectrum CBD
Full-spectrum CBD retains more terpenes and all other
cannabinoids, which take the “entourage effect” into
consideration. The entourage effect states that the plant
chemicals work better together than they do alone.
CBD Crystal
The purest form of cannabidiol(CBD), does not contain
any other Cannabinoids. The CBD crystal produces a
peaceful, relaxed feeling without a psychotropic
high. It’s easy to mix with other flavors in your E-liquid.