With Level & Without Leaking

WILL technology is a revolution in atomization platform.

With a structural breakthrough in cotton and ceramic, WILL prevents leakage and delivers perfect E-liquid matching.

Worked for “NO SPIT NO LEAKAGE” technology,
WILL designed a integrating structure wrapping the cotton inside
that drives in a completely sealed assembly, preventing spiting or leaking more effectively.
e-liquid matching
With the perfect ratio of the formula mixed from different natural cotton, WILL achieves the optimized e-liquid conduction effect. That makes an awesome atomization at maximum efficiency, meanwhile, avoiding any burnt tastes and improving service the life of the cartridges.
vapor satisfaction
The sealed cotton structure design stably maximizes the flavor profile
and allows it to be released more progressively. With WILL users can get more
satisfaction from multi-level vapor.
true tasting
Compared with other heating platforms, WILL designed with cotton material does not filter out the primary tasting of e-liquid, thus ensuring the truest sense of taste.
nature and clean
With durable coating technology made from the purest food-grade materials, WILL has been developed to reduce carbon deposition which negates the amount of residue and ensures the cleanliness and purity in each puff.
best alternative for
WILL designed with Bottom Vertical Pod wrapping cotton inside drives smoother airflow and the most efficient delivery of nicotine, with the results bringing great throat hits from the first puff to the last. WILL provides a feeling of vapor most similar to traditional cigarette.

WILL Lab owns 100+ experts and engineers who make every endeavor to revolute the traditional structure, then WILL Technology was born and is a real milestone in leak-proof performance. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested every year, there are more than 300 patents in this field, and WILL Lab Still breaking the rules and working miracles…