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Hangsen showed the WILL Tech that is a revolution in atomization platform. With a structural breakthrough in cotton and ceramic, which prevents leakage and delivers perfect e-liquid matching. 
Hangsen exhibition came to successful end at Shenzhen Convention Center on Apr 16.
The new nicotine salt aims to further perfect nicotine content and effect for growing number of smokers to be satisfied with the flavor.

Vaper Expo UK is one of the UK’s biggest and most recognized e-cigarette and vaping expos.

2018 International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen


[Shenzhen, China, Dem 26,2018] The 2018 International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province of China. The meeting mainly focused on regulating the development of the electronic cigarette industry, improving the construction of the electronic cigarette standard system, integrating industry resources, accelerating development of import and export trade and discussing the future development direction.

This summit forum was based on “international” and had deeply interpreted and shared trade barriers, product quality, legal risks in the US, and patent competition. It also introduced the e-cigarette regulatory policies and market conditions in Indonesia and South Korea. 

Nearly 600 people came to the site, including a number of domestic and foreign enterprises, experts, scholars, media. As the vice president and one of the co-organizers of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee, “Hangsen Technology Group” was invited to attend the event and participated in the opening ceremony of the conference.


With the progressive introduction of e-cigarette industry standards and international standards, it will become the quality year of e-cigarette products in 2018.

After testing, 2018 e-cigarette aerosolized appliance products met the safety requirements of electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic resistance, overcharge, extrusion, heat abuse, etc., and no quality problems have been found. The overall situation showed that the sample safety status is reliable and stable.

With the promulgation of e-cigarette industry standards and the improvement of various measures, more and more enterprises began to enter the industry. The trend means the booming development and an infinite bright future of the e-cigarette industry!

The summit forum was held successfully, which summed up the development of the e-cigarette industry in 2018 and planned the direction of the industry in 2019. It has played an important role in guiding the sustainable development of the electronic cigarette industry!

Hangsen Introduction

Hangsen International Group is the world largest E-liquid and E-cigarette Manufacturer which established in 2009.Depend on advanced technology and high quality assurance, Hangsen has expanded its international footprint to cover over 85 countries and founded 3 GMP and ISO9001 standard global centers in America, Europe, and Asia.

Until 2016, Hangsen has developed 1000 plus OEM flavors and produced over 500,000,000 pcs of high quality e-liquid bottles for client and provides full process of development, production, sales and service of vaping.

The Hangsen’s founder, Yao Jide, is the inventor of the first PG/VG e-liquid formula and has created the RY4 flavor that is one of the best-selling flavors in the world. He has been named as “E-liquid God Father. Currently, he is the executive vice president of the Electronic Commerce Committee of CECC and leads the drafting of the Chinese e-cigarette industry group standards and local standards.